id rather just give up on everything rather than see where this is going

its nnot so much to ask for a fucking hug every once in a while jesus FUckign christ, my needs are so fucking simple and yet they ar e never met b/c i cant get anything i want, and m y whole life is going down the tubes, and every section of my life is ass fucking backwards

i feel sick, and just , overwhelmed with how disgustin g i am, i need to hurt

i really wanna hurt myself

if i were at home alone i would probably be hurting myself

i need help lmao

sighs i wish i could just, say what i was thinking instead of sitting there thinking: thats dumb! what you have to say is dumb! your needs do not matter. b/c i KNOW my needs matter and i deserve to be heard but sdhgddfjlk its hard when u feel bad about, who you are. mgnfhfh tired of cryin about this.

i already feel like hitting myself urhgh i can feel , like, how i feel before. i get that way. mghdsjkldfs id rather just die than deal w/ any of this anymore (not literally) (im just done im so done)

its just really hard to feel like anyone cares;;; even though i know rationally lots of people care about me;;; ghldkfj my stories are dumb and im just. kinda useless. :( its surprising ppl even talk to me.